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We help professional aircraft operators find Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Providers that can perform the required maintenance of their aircrafts.

Whether you are: Airline, Rotary, Business Jet, Drone, Engine & Component center or any other aviation related sector we can find the most suitable option for the work to be done on your Aircraft.

By using our search engine, you can select your MRO by: Certification, Capability, Distance, Turnaround time OR by posting your Request for Proposal (RFP) MRO-Finder can provide you with the most suitable option for your company.

Before you register please try our Search Engine to see how many companies fit your requirements.

How it works?

Aircraft Operators

This is what we offer to Aircraft operators:

  • MRO-Finder will help to find the perfect match for your aircrafts in order to perform your inspections, maintenance and modifications.
  • By posting your Request For Proposal (RFP) you will be able to select the MRO provider which best fits your requirements.

I am an Aircraft Operator and I need a MRO or Aviation Service Provider.


This is what we offer to MRO:

  • A large client based platform that enables Aircraft Operators to easily find and get in contact with your company.
  • We provide an efficient way for Aircraft Operators to find and filter MRO or Aircraft Service Providers based on their certified capabilities.
  • As a client, our website will provide market exposure of your company to Aircraft Operators.
  • We also offer an option to commercially advertise your business on our website.

I am an MRO or Aviation Service Provider and want to register my services.